Geocaching for webOS

Geocaching for webOS is unofficial client for Browse nearby caches, view cache details, logs, images, navigate to them.

This application is not developed by Groundspeak.



Application is available for users all around the world (except Germany, Spain and Mexico) thru official Palm App Catalog. All users can also use Homebrew Directory.


Geocaching for webOS is released under GNU General Public License and is shared free.

The Groundspeak Geocaching logos and Trademarks have been created exclusively by Groundspeak, Inc. and are copyrighted by Groundspeak. and Groundspeak are trademarks of Groundspeak, Inc. Copyright 2010.

Source code

Project is hosted on SourceForge, code is versioned by git.


If you like this application and want to donate developing, you can do it via PayPal.



Application is provided as is. Support is provided by this channels: